‘Organathon’ for Hospices

China Trek Bas

Stephen Hope, Musical Director of Basildon Choral Society for the past 25 years is attempting to break his own record for raising money for the Hospice Movement.

Up to now Stephen has raised over £71,000 for Hospices in the South East. He is now attempting to boost that amount by a considerable amount.

Part of his efforts this summer include an Organathon in Basildon’s St Martin’s Church in the town centre. On Saturday 18th June, Stephen will be playing a nine hour organ recital – from 9am to 6pm!

So please drop into the church at any time and listen as Stephen sets himself this mammoth musical challenge. He will be playing popular works by Bach, Stainer, Howells, Brahms and many more.

Why not come along, make a donation, buy a cake or cup of tea, relax and enjoy the music while (at the same time) raising money for St Luke’s Hospice and St Raphael’s Hospice in Cheam?

(Cream teas are also available if booked in advance on 07770 392067.)

There is a further challenge that Stephen has set himself this year. Between the 8th and 17th of September he will be walking the Great Wall of China to raise even more money!

Not only a gifted musician,  Stephen is also a tireless supporter of the Hospice Movement.

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