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My name is Graham and I am a member of the tenor section in Basildon Choral.
I joined about a year ago when I was searching for a choir that sang the kind of music I wanted to sing. I found Basildon Choral on this website.
I emailed via their contacts page and was soon in touch with one of their committee members who invited me along to a rehearsal just to see if they were what I was looking for…
I’ve done lots of singing (since I was 7 years old!) so I was not nervous about going along for the first time. The choir was rehearsing ‘Carmina Burana’ – a favourite of mine. I was soon made to feel welcome and looked after. I sat next to another tenor who was really helpful and could answer any questions that I had.
I’ve had lots of hobbies but I always come back to music and singing. Singing in a choir is my favourite thing.
I like the kind of music that Basildon Choral sing and the fact that everyone aims to work towards a better standard, a higher standard. Their musical director is ambitious and can be demanding but I like that. That was what I needed, something challenging.
The concert I have enjoyed the most was at Arundel Cathedral in the summer. Family and friends made a weekend of it and had a great time. We joined with two other choirs, a full orchestra and professional soloists for a performance of ‘Elijah’.
Large choirs give you something you don’t get anywhere else!
I enjoy singing the larger, sacred, choral works but I’ll sing anything, even the lighter stuff we do at our Café Style concerts, if it’s part of being in a choir like Basildon Choral!


“I was singing with a community choir but felt I wanted more.”_DSC0003 (2)
My name is Nikki and I am a member of the alto section in Basildon Choral.
I joined the choir two years ago. I was looking for the opportunity to try singing choral music. I was singing pop songs with a community choir but felt I wanted more.
I saw a small piece in one of the local free papers about the choir wanting new members and it said to ‘just turn up’ to a rehearsal and so I did! I wasn’t sure it would be for me – I don’t particularly like listening to classical music but I have found that singing it is entirely different – the complexity and the harmonies are amazing – and I found I really enjoy it.
I wasn’t nervous about going along to a rehearsal even though I hadn’t sung from sheet music since I was about 10 years old. My parents had both sung in choirs, and my dad, in his eighties, still does. So it was a bit of a family tradition, but it wasn’t until after Mum died, and I realised just how big a part of her life singing had been, that I thought I’d give it a go.
Right from the beginning the choir members were just lovely – so friendly and welcoming. It feels like a nice, close group but it is not overwhelming – you can be as involved as you want to be.
I love the sound of our voices blending together and find that singing takes away the stresses of the day. After rehearsal, I go home buoyed up, and singing in concerts is just… wow! It feels amazing. Yes, some of the pieces are difficult to start with – but when they are, I see it as a challenge and work at it – and with practice it eventually clicks into place.
What I think makes this choir really outstanding is our hugely talented Musical Director, Stephen Hope. His understanding of the music, and attention to detail brings out the very best in us and makes the music very special.
I really enjoy the big concerts, singing the big choral works – of the ones I have performed, ‘The Armed Man’ is my favourite– and I really enjoy the concerts at Arundel too. Those experiences are the culmination of all the work you have put into it and give me a great feeling of achievement. After a concert I can’t stop talking about it. It must drive my husband mad!


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