Duruflé and Haydn

Centuries apart in time and musical style from Haydn’s choral masterpieces, Duruflé’s “Requiem” has become a modern – well, 20th Century –  classic. With echoes of plainsong and even stronger echoes of Fauré’s work of the same name it manages to combine an almost dreamy other worldliness with moments of red-blooded passion. If you don’t know it, come and hear it opn the 29th – and be charmed !

In early November Linda and I travelled to Cornwall. We sustained ourselves through the trials and tribulations of the M25 and the A303 by listening to a batch of Haydn masses, including of course, The Nelson, Missa in Angustiis. Other composers produced great masses, of course, but there’s something about Haydn that just gets your fingers drumming and your feet tapping. It’s glorious music to drive by – but do watch your accelerator foot !

By the way, on Remembrance Sunday we attended a Solemn Requiem in Truro Cathedral, to the wonderful muisic of Fauré’s Requiem.

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